2023 year in review

The other day, someone asked about my holiday travel plans, and as I responded that I was leaving "a week from next Saturday" I realized that, no, I was leaving Saturday. As in this week. As in Christmas is now less than a week away. I don't know what happened to my sense of time—maybe it's just that I'm getting older and time seems to be moving more quickly—but yikes, how is it already the end of the year?! I had every intention to break this into several posts, but now that the clock is ticking (and, to be honest, IRL priorities have been taking precedence), here's a look back at the highs, the lows, the best sellers, the worst fails, and more highlights from 2023. 

It was 27 degrees and snowing, and I was coming down with Covid when we shot this photo, as you can probably tell from my face

My favorite post of 2023

In case you couldn't tell, I had a lot of fun writing this comparison of Spanx leggings vs. an Amazon dupe. I've been partnering with Spanx for awhile now—spoiler alert, they're your favorite brand, according to my data—and I was genuinely surprised to see how well the dupe photographed versus the original (although not surprised that the dupe doesn't quite live up to the original). 

Real Spanx are worth it!

Your favorite post of 2023

By far and away, the most read post this year was an honest review of RevitaBrow, of which I now have practically a lifetime supply. The results are more on the subtle side, but I definitely feel like it makes my brows more thick and defined. Pro tip: stock up whenever they have a sale (watch my IG for the next one, coming VERY soon). 

This was the first time I appeared on this blog with NO makeup whatsoever!

My favorite item of 2023

I had my eye on these Sarah Flint riding boots for awhile, and let me tell you, I sold a lot of shoes for that company in order to get them to send me this pair. That said, they are incredibly gorgeous and equally comfortable, and I have a feeling I'll be wearing them for years to come. 

I am obsessed with these boots, and this was one of my all-time favorite outfits too

Your favorite item of 2023

You guys really, really love the Spanx Flare Jeans, in spite of the fact that I posted about them over two years ago. I haven't featured them on the blog since, but clearly think I need to now...once I invest in a pair of comfortable shoes with a heel high enough to wear with them!

Ok, these jeans DO give you mile-long legs

The 2023 post I wish I could do over

I was really excited to review the Madewell '90s jeans; they had the '90s supermodel cut I'd been searching for, with the added benefit of stretch for extra comfort. The problem is...they really stretch out, which is something I didn't notice until I saw the photos, which were not the most flattering. I posted the review anyway, but really wish I had gone with a size down (which I can confirm, I've since tried on in-store and it fits me much better). Lesson learned: always try on multiple sizes. 

I swear, these jeans look better in person

The 2023 post I won't do again

In spite of being up since April, my Sephora sale picks is still this year's least viewed post. Maybe my recommendations have less gravitas since I no longer work at Sephora, maybe there are enough other influencers sharing their sale picks, or maybe it's a little bit of both, but message received. Instead, I'll just update my master list periodically going forward. 

Message received on the Sephora sale picks!

The 2023 post I'm most proud of

I tend not to get super vulnerable on this blog (I am a pisces and sensitive AF), but I'm really happy with how this post on what I've learned in 20 years of blogging turned out. People are often surprised when they find out that I've been blogging for so long and it's not my full-time job—in a way that, to be honest, can make me feel a little defensive—but I've learned so much and I'm happy with the way things are for now. I'm not going anywhere (except to LA for a much needed holiday break) so please come back in 2024!  

I really, really loved this outfit too!


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I always enjoy reading your blog as you have fun way of writing! Have a great break!

Laura B said...

I was the same way, I thought I had an extra week before Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Midori said...

love all these looks, the dress with the cardigan and boots is my fav!

xoxo, MIDORI


jossyrascon said...

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Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

Love looking back at your blog highlights! Wishing you a very happy holiday and new year!

Jill - Doused in Pink

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

Christmas really crept up on me too! I love those Sarah Flint riding boots and the last outfit. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Happy New Year!

Emma xxx