What I wore in New Orleans in March

I don't know how nearly a month has gone by already, but it feels like just yesterday we went to New Orleans for my birthday. It's always such a fun city to visit, and it had been eight years since my last trip there. While some of my favorite spots were thankfully as lively as ever (the Carousel Bar is one of my favorite places on Earth), we explored some corners of the city I hadn't traveled to before, which was really refreshing. New Orleans is such a gorgeous, unique place, but it's the hospitality that always keeps me coming back—everyone is always so warm and welcoming and friendly. We spent a long weekend in the city in early March; here's what I wore. 

On my birthday

I was hoping for warmer weather but was not expecting it to be as warm as it was—during the day, I didn't even need a jacket, which was such a novelty to me! I was comfortable in my cardigan, but the star of this outfit, of course, is the skirt. I feel like it's not very "me," but I fell in love with the print and it was on sale, so I decided to take a chance. I felt very pretty in it! I see what the hype is about with Zimmermann—people stopped me on the street to compliment it—and have a feeling this won't be my last piece of theirs. The bag was a birthday present from my mom (thanks, mom!), and the boots are very old but very comfortable (and great on cobblestone streets). At night, I did need my wool shirt jacket, and I switched to sneakers because we were walking so much (like 20,000 steps a day!). 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Isabel Marant jacket | Quince cardigan | Zimmermann skirtToteme T-lock bag | old Isabel Marant boots (similar here

On the next day

As I've said many times before, I am a sucker for a lacy white top. You last got a peek of this one in my favorite accessories post; again, it was so temperate in New Orleans that I was able to wear it without a jacket—and now you can see how amazing the sleeves are. I especially love wearing pretty white tops with jeans; Sean hates this pair, and now after seeing photos of them, I kind of agree. For some reason, my regular-length Levi's 501s fit like a glove but the cropped version has kind of an anti-fit that doesn't do me any favors. Off to the Poshmark pile they go! 

OUTFIT DETAILS: & Other Stories blouse | Levi's 501c jeans | Madewell Western belt | Toteme T-lock bag | Chloe Nama sneakers 

On our last day

We were blessed with beautiful weather on the first two days; on our final day, it poured. This was romantic at first, then slightly annoying, and as the day went on and the city started to flood, fairly concerning. (Our hotel thankfully called a huge SUV to take us to the airport; if we were in a Prius or something like that, I don't think we would have made it.) This was also a good reminder that New Orleans is basically on the edge of a swamp and is accordingly humid; as you can see, my hair responded by showing its true (curly!) nature. The trench coat I'm wearing here was not at all waterproof, and my pants got so soaked, I had to change into a skirt for the flight home. Still, totally worth it. Never a dull moment, and always an adventure! Pro trip: always bring an umbrella to New Orleans.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Nili Lotan for Target trench coat (on eBay) | Quince gauze blouse | Banana Republic utility pants (current version) | Toteme T-lock bag | Chloe Nama sneakers


Gail Is This Mutton? said...

New Orleans is on my list! You took some great outfits. My favorite is the Marant jacket and Zimmermann skirt. Thanks for linking.

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

I love your trench coat and skirt! I'd love to visit New Orleans, it looks amazing! Thanks for linking!

Emma xxx

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I hadn't traveled to before, which was really refreshing. New Orleans is such a gorgeous, unique place, but it's the hospitality that always keeps me coming back—everyone is always so warm and welcoming and friendly. We spent a long weekend in the city in early March; here's what I wore. Thank you for sharing your expertise! Keep up the excellent work! Continue to share. Please feel free to look at my website.

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