What to wear to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour

I was incredibly fortunate to attend the Taylor Swift Eras Tour last summer in L.A. (yes, I was there one of the nights that the show was filmed for the Eras Tour movie!) and in spite of seeing the movie twice, I kind of wanted to go see the live concert again this summer. Of course, once I heard that she totally revamped the show and added a new era for The Tortured Poets Department, I REALLY wanted to go again. That's probably not going to happen for me unless I win the lottery, but for those of you who were lucky enough to score tickets this summer, I will live vicariously through you. In the meantime, you need to figure out what to wear. I have some suggestions, starting with this very sparkly blazer. It was sent to me as a gift without any obligations, and the following thoughts are my honest and unfiltered opinions. But first, here's what you need to know about what to wear to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour. 

Should I make friendship bracelets?

Yes, you should. Order a bracelet kit off of Amazon and start making them now. You will spend a lot of time waiting in line for merch and/or food, and trading them is a great way to kill the time, chat with other fans, and take home souvenirs that are way cuter (and more affordable) than Taylor's official $70 sweatshirts (although mine is very soft and I do wear it a lot). And yes, I am a 40-something woman, and I traded with fans of all ages, from 10-year-old girls to 50-something security guards (who were SURPRISINGLY into it!). Highly recommend!

Should I dress up? 

One hundred percent, yes. When I saw the show in L.A., I'd estimate that 98% of the people in attendance were wearing something special for the event, whether it was a full Sagittarius costume with bow-and-arrow (a nod to "The Archer," and also Tay's astrological sign), full-on cowgirl getup, random sparkles, or even a Swiftie Dad T-shirt—there were lots of variations of these, and they were all adorable. You don't have to dress up, but this concert is an event, and it's a lot more fun if you do. 

What should I wear? 

Ideally, you want to pick your favorite era and dress like Taylor did during it. Some general pointers:

Lover: anything pastel and sparkly

Fearless: anything cowgirl and sparkly

Evermore/Folklore: anything cottagecore and sparkly 

Reputation: anything black and sparkly 

Red: anything red and sparkly

Midnights: anything purple and sparkly 

1989: literally anything sparkly

You get the idea. Note: whatever you end up wearing should be comfortable. The show is over 4 hours long and you will be on your feet for most of it. Unless you have arches of steel, I would not recommend wearing pointy stiletto boots like I am here. 

An honest review of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour silver blazer

While Taylor wears many amazing sparkly outfits of her own during the Eras tour, one of my favorites is the one she wears during "The Man": a double-breasted sequined silver (or sometimes black or red) blazer with matching Christian Louboutin sparkly boots. Assuming you're not also a billionaire like Tay, there are thankfully some more accessible alternatives out there. This tailored blazer is a great option at a very reasonable $105, including free shipping. The blazer is a shimmery-stripe metallic silver fabric (origin unknown but feels like polyester) with silver-toned buttons and allover silver sequins. Thankfully it's fully lined, however I recommend wearing a higher-necked top underneath as the fabric on the back of the lapel hits your skin and is a little scratchy. The blazer holds its tailored shape well in spite of all the sequins, without drooping. It has pockets, which is a nice touch. I'd say it runs true to size. I'm in a medium, and while I wouldn't have much room to wear a sweater underneath, it works perfectly as a blazer-dress, like how Taylor wears it in "The Man." My one criticism is that it's not quite as sparkly as Taylor's blazer, but again, that one is covered in thousands of crystals and probably costs a small fortune. Considering this one is so affordable and fits well—and is sparkly enough—it's a good choice for the Eras tour. Just add a pair of sparkly (and comfy) boots! 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Eras Tour sequined blazer | Falke Matt 20 tights (in Brenda) | Zara boots (similar here)


Jelena Dimić said...

My friend is going to the Eras tour this August and she'll attend one of the shows in Vienna! She's super excited! <3
Love your outfit! And sure, dress up, it's going to be a memorable day so look your best! <3


Laura B said...

That blazer looks amazing! I wish I could take my girls, but with the prices, there is no way. Maybe another time!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Oh you look amazing! Of course you should dress up for a concert like that! I'll bet it was memorable!

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

That's a showstopper of an outfit, I love the blazer! There's been a lot of coverage on the news here in the UK about her concerts. Her music's not really my thing but I love her costumes! Thanks for linking!

Emma xxx

overthehilda said...

Yes love your outfit and I agree the boots look fab with it but maybe some flat ones if you go to the concert.

manassas dui attorney said...

Unleash your inner Swiftie with our wardrobe suggestions for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. Stay on-trend and show off your love for Taylor in style!