Website of the week
I have a rather unhealthy habit. Before you get the wrong idea, I'll gladly tell you my bad habit is US Weekly, to which I have a subscription. I love reading about celebrities' feuds (Paris is pissed off at Nicole for some reason!), looking at pictures of celebrities picking up their dry cleaning, and reading about where celebrities shop. I'm particularly interested in the latter (well, duh), and Satine seems to be one of the newer favorites (aside from old standbys Intuition and Kitson). So I was quite happy to discover that Satine has a website--and a supercool one at that. Browsing the website almost makes me want to shop at the actual store, even though it's in L.A. and I'm sure the salesgirls would ignore me 'cause I'm not Nicole Kidman. So on that note, the website is organized simply: You can shop by category--accessories, bags, clothing, jewelry, shoes, and swimwear--or check out the special features along the top, such as "items we idolize" and "just arrived." There's an awesome mix of merch--everything from Lanvin accessories and Alexander McQueen shoes (both pricey, as you'd expect) to Minnetonka moccasins, Irregular Choice shoes, and affordable clothing by McGinn and Jill Stuart--it's enough to make you think that maybe the salesgirls might not be so snobby after all. Some of my favorites: I must have this bright green Sass & Bide dress, which is the most affordable Sass & Bide piece I've ever seen; all the cool kids are wearing short-sleeved blazers, and I think I want one too; they've got the Meli-Melo denim trouser that every fashion mag has been fawning over; I love this slightly-extravagant-but-not-terribly expensive Lanvin bracelet; and while there are countless shoes that pique my interest, this Johanna Ho flat is the most interesting; well, okay, except for this very comfortable-looking Rebecca Taylor wedge. Items ship next day via UPS or FedEx, and the return policy is a bit stringent, but with all this cool stuff, why the hell would you want to return it anyway? You can also read about the owners, who sound so cool, you can almost picture yourself hanging out with them at the store. Well, almost--you might have to elbow Lindsay Lohan out of the way first.

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