My shopping weekend
In between visitors, vacations, doing my taxes, and, um, trying not to spend money, I felt like I hadn't done much shopping recently. So there's nothing like a little sunshine and 70-degree weather to draw me out to the stores. Saturday, MW and I took the bus to IKEA and, surprisingly enough, barely had to wait to get on (I think the key is to leave before noon). MW got some furniture for his new apartment; I got a wok, a new paper lamp, and some frames for my stewardess pictures. (Little-known fact about me: I love stewardesses--not "flight attendants," as they're called today, but stewardesses from the glory days of travel in the '60s and '70s.) Then while MW was off to cover a basketball game, I took a stroll to Soho. I went to Tower Records and bought some CDs (for the record, the Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs, and the Faint), then I went to Sephora to buy more conditioner, but I was so sidetracked by the discovery of the Paul & Joe makeup line (yes, I know I've been living under a rock, makeup-wise, as my coworker AW has pointed out to me multiple times), I forgot to buy conditioner. But I did buy $60 worth of Paul & Joe makeup--a multi-function gloss, a lip gloss, and eyeshadow.

Sunday MW and I hit the new Bo Concept store on 18th Street in Chelsea, which kicks ass. (It's a bit more expensive than IKEA, or even West Elm, but not as bad as you'd think. And the furniture is very well made, and you don't have to put it together yourself.) MW had some gift certificates to blow at Best Buy, but a dude selling jeans on a table outside caught my attention--he had Joe's, Paper Denim & Cloth, Seven, and Citizens of Humanity for $40-$50 and True Religion jeans for $70. I promptly bought a pair of the latter (yes, they're real)--this style, which normally costs $172. So even though the logo patch on the back waistband is upside down (which I didn't realize until I got home), I am quite happy with my purchase. Seriously, girls, they make you look like a rock star with long, skinny legs. (In fact, the more I think about them, the more I want to go try them on again!) So if you're looking for bargain jeans, I highly recommend this guy outside Best Buy. Tell 'em tax refund girl sent you.

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