Random notes
1. My apologies to anyone who went to the Juicy Couture sale last week at Find Outlet. It, in a word, sucked. Supremely.

2. A special shout-out to Stephanie, who sold me a lovely vintage Sarah Coventry necklace at her trunk show today. I love it!

3. Big news: After a year away, Tom Ford is returning to fashion...sort of. He and Domenico De Sole have reteamed to form a Tom Ford luxury brand, and they've already signed deals to develop a fragrance with Estee Lauder and a line of eyewear with the Marcolin Group of Italy--kind of a backwards move, since usually clothing comes first, then a fragrance, and licensing, and so on. But whatever. Tom Ford insists he's still trying to have a career as a film director, so god knows how this whole luxury brand thing is going to work, but either way, I think it will be great to have Tom back.

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