The Cheryl Shops Mother's Day Gift Guide
Yikes, Mother's Day is upon us! So without further ado, here are some gift suggestions for the hardest woman in the world to shop for.

For the foodie mom: The French market Garden Kit requires a green thumb and a vermin-free backyard, but imagine how psyched your mom would be to grow fresh mesclun, chives, leeks and more in her backyard--thus bypassing the greenmarket or the long, long lines at Whole Foods. (Note: This item is currently backordered but will hopefully be back up in time for the big day.)

For the jet-setting mom: Whether she's a business traveler or on the Palm Beach-Gstaad-St. Tropez-Aspen circuit, she can make herself feel more at home with this surprisingly reasonable Burberry folding frame. The bright turquoise color will liven up any Holiday Inn.

For the "French women don't get fat" mom: My mom would kill me if I bought her this Vosges hot chocolate set, but if yours appreciates the finer things in life (and has a fast metabolism), well, there's nothing better than $80 worth of hot chocolate.

For the mod mom: With this Pucci neck scarf, Mom can relive her '60s go-go glory days. She'll love the trip down memory lane, and you'll love borrowing it.

For the mom with incredibly good taste (a.k.a. a gift I wouldn't mind receiving myself): According to my mom, my style is too "modern." But if that's your mom's bag, she'll love this sleek Jonathan Adler jewelry box. Bonus--it matches his signature glassware!

For the put-together mom: Compacts are something that's kind of lost on this generation; my grandmother collected Estee Lauder compacts and rotated 'em. This Moroccan Mosaic Tile compact will keep the tradition going.

For the mom who's stuck on Renuzit: My pal MT introduced me to the diffuser. It's basically a jar of aromatic oil, and you stick wooden sticks in it, and they diffuse the scent throughout your room. Longer-lasting than a candle, classier than Glade Plug-Ins.

For the mom with incredibly good taste, #2: Yes, I'm a sucker for stuff with butterfiles, but these butterfly pajamas look incredibly comfortable, and you can get the monogrammed for mom (and so you can't steal 'em).

For the trendy mom: The bohemian look is in for spring, and as much as your mom might want to rock it, the tiered peasant skirts and crocheted tops will make her look like she's trying too hard. So give her this turquoise necklace, currently on sale, for a funky but age-appropriate look.

For the gadget-savvy mom: Well, not to totally generalize, but that heading is a bit of an oxymoron. But you can help mom feel hip with the very easy-to-use iPod Shuffle. Just make sure she doesn't try to recreate the ads and dance in public.

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