Cheryl shops...Girlshop
On Saturday, MK and I decided to hit the newly opened Girlshop store in the Meatpacking District, as we are both big fans of the website. The store is, well, girly. It's bright and colorful, and seemingly everything is sparkly, which is never a bad thing, in my opinion. What is a bad thing is that everything in the store is in the low-to-mid three figures--they've gotta pay that Meatpacking District rent somehow, and selling $35 iPod cases, as cool as they are, isn't going to do it. So the selection is heavy on LaRok, Lotta, and Lisa Levine, but there's no Yochi, Meredith Straus, or FarylRobin (i.e. Girlshop's more affordable brands) to be found. There's a rather small selection of jewelry, as well as tiny corners devoted to Girlshop's sister sites Totshop and Guyshop. But there's little in the way of shoes or lingerie--two of my favorite categories on Girlshop (my favorite, of course, is the jewelry). So while the store is fun to browse--and it's probably great if you've got $500 or $600 to blow--I think I'm going to stick with the website.

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