Cheryl shops...all over the place
Due to an unexpected little monetary windfall and a summer Friday, I decided to treat myself to a new pair of shoes (or two) and hit Soho on Friday afternoon. My first stop was the Mott Street Sigerson Morrison store, which carries bags and the lower-priced Belle line. In a matter of minutes, I found three pairs that I loved, but I decided to be a good girl and stick with just one pair, a suede thong, for $110. I also hit the regular Sigerson Morrison store on Prince, and was glad to see that even though the shoes were up to 50% off, they still had a lot left, and there was no craziness (expect that to change come Friday's Crazy Sale). I then headed down Elizabeth to the Hollywould sale and encountered a 10-person line to get into the tiny store. Thankfully the girl working the door was nice and not cranky, although I did wait for about 20 minutes, and once I got inside, the store was extremely cramped and, if possible, hotter than outside. And remember when I said not to buy all the size 39's? Yeah, whenever I liked a style, there was no size 39, so, sadly, I left empty-handed. But on the way home, I hit the Soho Bloomingdale's, where I scored a Pucci neckerchief for $17, and the Barneys Co-Op on Wooster, where there was a whole lotta nothing.

But never fear, on Saturday, the lovely MK and I hit Fifth Avenue for some department store clearance sales. We started at Saks, where, right away, I found a Chanel scarf for $60. (Yes, I'm on a scarf kick lately.) They still had a ton of shoes left, although all the clothes were lumped together on long, messy racks, so I didn't look at those too in depth. We hit Henri Bendel next, and although they had some sexy, sexy lingerie for 60% off (we're still talking $120-ish for bra and undies), we found no clothes above the second floor--they have the top floor completely roped off, so they're either preparing for their blowout 80% off sale, or they've already sold everything, which I find hard to believe. Our next stop was Bergdorf's, where the second-floor shoes were quite picked over, but the fifth floor shoe department was hoppin'. We didn't really look around the rest of the fifth floor, however, because it's all under construction and kind of a mess. As is the rest of the store, for the most part. I guess they have to do the major construction while their clientele is out in the Hamptons. Finally, after a hot-dog break in front of the Plaza, we hit Barneys. Again, still a lot of shoes left on the fourth floor (which should now be on their way to the August warehouse sale), but next to zip in the way of designer ready-to-wear. The Co-Op floors were a veritable bonanza--MK got a cute tee and a pair of cropped James jeans, and I hit the Mayle jackpot with a pretty pink cashmere sweater and a gorgeous silvery, burlapy skirt, both of which will take me well into fall. And will last me until September, when, hopefully, the temperature will drop and I'll finally feel ready to start working on my fall wardrobe.

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