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Now that there are two Whole Foods stores within 15 minutes of my apartment, I find myself shopping there quite a bit--I love the organic produce, the free-range meats, the super-fresh fish, and so on. The Chelsea Whole Foods has this nice separate "body" store with vitamins, skincare products, and so forth, which got me thinking, if I'm so particular about eating organic food, why aren't I particular about using organic beauty products? I haven't tried any yet, but I discovered Saffron Rouge, an organic skincare site that stocks the familiar Dr. Hauschka and Jurlique lines, as well as health-store staple Weleda and two lines I've never heard of, Lavera and Primavera. You can shop by brand, or by category (face, body & bath, cosmetics, etc.). The site packages entire skincare routines together, so you can try an entire new line at a slight discount--like Primavera's Natural Balance daily routine (Saffron Rouge is the exclusive North American distributor of this line, normally available only in Europe). Of course, there are smaller kits if you want to try everything out first before dropping close to $200--say, this Natural Balance kit or this Dr. Hauschka kit, both of which are $20-ish. This Sun Shimmer lotion is like an organic version of Nars' body oil, and I'm intrigued by this Birch Cellulite Oil, a bargain at $20. Also on my list: This Eros body wash sounds like it smells amazing, plus it has an aphrodisiac effect! This Dr. Hauschka Inner Cosmetic sounds intriguing to me--I'll gladly take a vitamin to improve my skin. And if I were going to splurge, I'd treat myself to this Jurlique Home Spa Pack. Not convinced about making the switch to organic? Read Saffron Rouge's FAQ about the benefits of organic living, Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons you should shop at Saffron Rouge. That's pretty persuasive, but healthy living--inside and out--sounds pretty good to me.

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