Website of the week
Because I want to look like an Olsen twin (uh, just kidding), I've recently become obsessed with Dita's Supa Dupa sunglasses, which themselves were the recent subject of a New York Times article. So while looking for them on the web, I came across 80s Purple, a Los Angeles-based site devoted to up-and-coming accessories (and clothes). The site is very L.A., but in a Westlake-inhabiting hipster way. And, as it's necessary to life in L.A., they carry a well-chosen selection of huge avaiator and plastic-frame sunglasses fit for a starlet. You can shop by category, then by brand, or by my favorite feature, shop by star. Bag-wise, they've got under-the-radar brands like Jana Feifer, Orla Kiely, and Triple Five Soul; they have jewelry from everyone from Tarnia Tarantino to Adnia; and a huge selection of sunglasses from heavy hitters like Dior, Gucci, and Oliver Peoples, but if you're on a budget, check out the Zero line of knockoffs, most of which are under $25. They've also got an extensive selection of iPod covers, from inCase's line of leather covers to this blinged out crystal case. For my guy readers (of which, I'm discovering, I have quite a few), they've got hats and cool accessories for you, plus this hilarious Vote for Pedro T-shirt (which, conicidentally, I saw a little kid wearing last weekend at the chess tournament--so meta, I don't want to get into the irony of it all). So in addition to my Dita Supa Dupas, I have my eye on this Bling Ring kit so I can Paris Hilton-ize my cell phone; this Ron Dotson razor necklace is quite provocative; my inner ghetto-fabulous woman loves this croc hobo; and I like this cheapie (but cute) bag charm, which is kind of useless but cute nonetheless. Of course, you can't wear all of this stuff at once for fear of looking like a total fashion victim (or Paris Hilton), but accessories are a such fun way to be a slave to the trends.

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