America's Next Top Model recap
I didn't go to bed until well after midnight last night, but it was worth it, because Bre didn't win this season of America's Next Top Model, thank god. The episode started out with a whole bunch o' product placement, i.e. the girls filmed a Cover Girl TV ad and shot a print ad that would end up being the actual winner's campaign. Nik, who had previously sucked at talking on camera, rocked it, while Bre and Nicole both choked big time. So at judging, Nik was a shoo-in for the top two, and the judges finally came to their senses about how dumb Bre is and got rid of her. Phew! The next day's task was shooting the cover of Elle Girl magazine (again, both girls had to shoot the cover)--with Tyra, it turns out. Both girls appeared to be doing well, although they seemed a bit weirded out by (admittedly bizarre) Gilles Bensimon, the oft-mentioned editor-in-chief of Elle who photographed the shoot. The next day was the big runway show, for a British design team that no one's heard of (but who makes quite lovely frocks). Nicole obviously got a rush from catwalking, because she was, to use Tyra's favorite word, fierce. Nik looked great too but...well, more on that later. Funny side note: Past two winners Eva and Naima also walked in the show; Naima was wearing the most unflattering mullet (or femullet, if you will), and she still doesn't seemed to have developed any personality whatsoever in the past six months. (Eva, on the other hand, is still quite the diva, and has a kooky walk--a lot of the time, it kinda looks like she's drunk or she has to go to the bathroom or something.) Also, Tyra, who was sitting in the audience, looked like she was wearing a fruit basket made out of hair on her head. Talk about kooky. Anyway, all the judges were kind of shocked by Nicole's fierce spin down the runway, while they all decided that Nik's walk was "bouncy." What that actually meant was that her boobs were bouncing all over the place--which they were. I never really noticed what a rack Nik had; being a model, where proper lingerie is often an afterthought, you can't really have boobs (unless you're a lingerie or swimsuit model, of course). So, really, I think the bouncing boobs did Nik in, because Nicole was announced the winner. And I am okay with that. Honestly, I think Nik's Cover Girl photo was better (she obviously did way better on the TV spot), but I was pretty neutral about both of them all along; I just didn't want Bre to win. I don't know, I think Nicole's cute. So, yay, Nicole!

Next week, one final episode with behind-the-scenes dish; expect Tyra to get at least one of the girls to cry.

And: Once I get around to watching last night's Project Runway episodes, thus begin my recaps!

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