(Last week's) Project Runway recap
I will admit, I totally fell for last week's Project Runway tease: The designers would be creating an ensemble for an international fashion icon. As Tim Gunn led the designers up Broadway, my mind was racing. Was it Anna Wintour? Madonna? Or were they pulling a fast one on us, having them design for the pregnant Heidi Klum? (Hey, a girl needs maternity clothing!) But as soon as they entered the Toys R Us at 44th Street, I knew: They were designing for Barbie. Now, Barbie's had a tough time these last few years, losing ground to the (in my opinion) skankily dressed Bratz dolls. Hence the "My Scene" Barbie, a trendier, more stylish doll (however still with the ridiculous 38-18-32 proportions). The designers, being the good sports that they are, were quite enthusiastic about the challenge. So aside from a brief episode that involved Kara losing her Barbie's hat on the escalator, the challenge got off to a good start. Of course, the main dramatic points in this episode were that 1)Daniel Franco is such a perfectionist, plus he does this (kind of annoying) thing where he takes a few steps away, then steps back, which, as one of the contestants pointed out, wastes a ton of time. 2) Marla can't drape, can't sew, and is otherwise technically challenged. I think her days are numbered. 3) Tim Gunn took Andrae into his office for a chat regarding last week's crying jag; Andrae got flustered but made no amends. (And after the way he sassed Nina Garcia after the runway show, I'm expecting his days are numbered too.)

At the runway show, the winners and losers were pretty clear. Andrae made a totally bizarre pouf-skirt dress, and Marla made an outfit suited for, well, a fortysomething hooker. Both squeaked by the judges. Santino totally thought he was a shoo-in to win, and when Heidi announced his name--to say he was "in"--he almost totally embarrassed himself; when Best Gay Uncle Ever Nick won with his colorful creation, the cameras cut to Santino sitting in the corner with his head draped on his knees. Hear those violins, Santino? They're playing for you. The big loser was Raymundo, whose totally bizarre outfit was best described by Michael Kors as "Barefoot Appalachia Lil' Abner." Priceless.

Next week (aka this week): The designers create lingerie. Oh, baby!

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