Random notes
1. I am clearly crazy, because I stood in line this morning, in freezing, 35-degree weather for an hour and 45 minutes to get into the Sigerson Morrison sale. I was disappointed at first, because I was expecting current-season merchandise (I miss the store's end-of-season "crazy sale"), but I quickly got over it when I realized that 1) digging was required and 2) everything was so cheap, they were practically giving it away. Um, so, I got four pairs of shoes and a clutch purse. They were delivering more merchandise as I was waiting, and if you wear a size 7, it's definitely worth going back tomorrow--I almost cried when I saw how many size 7 bins there were (this must be SM's sample size). For the gals in the 8-9 range, may the force be with you.

2. Sadly, I don't think I'm going to have time to do a Cheryl Shops holiday shopping guide this year. I've been a little social butterfly lately, and now, at this point in time, it seems a bit too late to run one. I should have started it over a month ago, and, believe me, I'm kicking myself for having not done so. Sorry about that. But, you know, pretty much every website in existence has a gift guide, so I'm sure you can find some ideas somewhere. (And not to gloat, but I'm pretty much done with my holiday shopping, with the exception of one or two small things. Thank god for the Internet.)


Anonymous said...

What were the prices like? I know a lady never tells, but can you at least hint?

Cheryl said...

Hey, I'm no lady! Just kidding. Regular Sigerson Morrison shoes were $60, some of the sandals were $20, and the rain or shine shoes were also $20, I think. Belle shoes were supposedly $45, but I didn't see any. Bags were $20-$100.

Anonymous said...

great. thank you.