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I will admit, I am kind of fascinated by socialites. Not the Hilton sisters--they're hardly socialites in the true sense of the word--but the Upper East Side ladies, young and old, who attend charity functions, marry well, decorate their homes, throw fabulous parties, get photographed in beautiful designer clothing and so on. Of course many of today's socialites have jobs--some more superficial than others--but, really, that's not the point here. Having no true royalty (in the traditional sense of the word) in this country, socialites are often the closest thing to royals for us. And like royal families, the world of socialites is very small...which is why I find the whole Socialite Rank saga fascinating. For those of you not in the know, Socialite Rank's main feature is a weekly ranking of New York's socialites, based on visibility, press coverage, and such. It also has some of the snarkiest comments on the web, from a mixture of real socialites, PR girls, media, and regular ol' Joes. But the biggest mystery surrounding the site is the author (or authors), who is, as of now, anonymous. There has been much speculation by everyone from Radar to the Observer to, of course, Gawker, but to no avail. I must say, I am quite amused by how certain socialites are working themselves into a tizzy over this--for all their wealth and beauty, it appears socialites are just as insecure as (if not more so than) the rest of us.

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