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Over Thanksgiving weekend, MW and I went to a mall in New Hampshire, where we noticed that 1) none of the girls there were wearing skinny jeans and 2) the "cool" uniform for teenage girls appeared to be an Abercrombie sweatshirt, a Coach purse, and boot-cut jeans with Ugg boots. Remember Ugg boots? Let's take a trip back to 2003: They were sold out everywhere, new pairs were going for $500 on eBay, and Nordstrom had a waiting list that promised delivery by July 2004. (Even I succumbed to buying a pair.) Fashion has since had a love affair with the Mukluk (and several other equally ugly boots), but for some reason, Uggs have always been hanging around on some level. (I suppose, you could argue, due to how warm and comfortable they are.) Ever since that day in New Hampshire, though, I've been noticing Uggs everywhere--yes, even in New York City. So whether Uggs have never gone away, or whether they're having a resurgence in popularity--Ugg just opened its first store in NYC, at 79 Mercer St.--there's no denying that in spite of how ugly they are, Uggs actually are practical. And after all the uncomfortable, unflattering, even dangerous trends out there (hello, giant platform shoes!), my inner Mom thinks it's okay to embrace them. So whether you like Uggs, Emus, Warmbats, Koolaburras, or any number of Australian boots, the best resource I've found for them is, a monster of a website that ships (for free!) to a gazillion countries and stocks every color and style of sheepskin boot imaginable.

I tend to prefer Emu boots to Uggs; the "Hip" boot, for example, has a wrap detail that makes it slightly more stylish.

I'm also tempted to get this Emu moccasin for days when a full boot isn't quite necessary.

You lose a lot of heat through your head, too, so there are always sheepskin earmuffs to keep it warm.

Of course, with all the 50-degree weather we've been having in NYC, we might not even need all this sheepskin stuff (to the delight of aesthetes everywhere). Let's hear it for global warming!

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