Cheryl Shops...the Barneys Warehouse Sale
I finally hit the Barneys sale on Friday after work; apparently the rest of the city has summer Fridays as well, because the sale was no less crowded than usual. In other words, it was mass chaos. But I will say this: I think the sale was the best one I've been to in awhile. The designer section--which is normally one rack at the end by the shoes for a few days, then gets folded into the regular merchandise--is much expanded and moved to a separate area over by the windows; it was filled with lots of Lanvin, Marni, Prada Sport, and other pretty good stuff, all things considered. I had to talk myself out of a $89 pair of Balenciaga pants; they were too big and would've cost me at least that much in tailoring, but they were gorgeous nonetheless. As for the main racks, I hit them in search of KA7, Daryl K, and 3.1 Phillip Lim, and I was successful in all but the last (I got a Daryl K dress, a KA7 sweater dress, and a KA7 top). What surprised me the most, however, was the shoe department. I often have no luck there whatsoever, but this time I had to whittle my options down. I ended up with a pair of yellow suede Prada flats; they're kind of jolie-laide, but I love them.

The sale runs through Labor Day, but according to this post on Racked, the best stuff comes out this week. Interesting indeed.

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