I don't know about you, but I had an exceptionally bad day today. However, the one beacon of shining light was The Daily's news that CFDA-winner Loeffler Randall will be Target's next designer accessories collaboration. The line will hit stores in early 2008; lucky fashion editors get a preview tomorrow. Even without seeing it, I can almost guarantee you that I will buy every single piece, as I totally adore Loeffler Randall. I will, however, post pictures as soon as they're available.

In other Masstige news, No Good For Me has the first images of Roberto Cavalli for H&M and, well, let's just say everything looks very Cavalli-esque. Again, that collection hits stores in November. Rawr.

UPDATE: Carol Han at Elle's Market Girl blog has published pictures of the Loeffler Randall collection. They look a bit shiny in the photographs but are apparently stunning in person. This bag makes my mouth water either way.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad day. MAybe tomorrow will be better?

Anonymous said...

Target is really making a statement these days. They are bringing new and exciting designer's to the market with impeccable taste. I can't wait for Randall's line!

Anonymous said...


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