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In our old apartment, our bedroom was a dusty blue and grass-green, and while it was a fairly calming color scheme, it was kind of dark, and I often had bad dreams. Then again, maybe it was just the bad energy in our old apartment. Anyway, after being incredibly inspired by the photograph at right (from last month's issue of Domino), I decided to decorate our new bedroom in a red, white, and turquoise color scheme (I know there's yellow in this photo, but I'm not the hugest yellow fan).

I found a similar duvet cover at Pottery Barn, of all places; the pillows shouldn't be too hard to find (that is, if MW lifts his ban on decorative pillows); and the fabric on the bench is so expensive, I'm not even going to go there. But that rug...ohh, I love it. I am not a huge Oriental rug person; in fact, I strongly prefer contemporary, graphic patterns. So I was incredibly pleased to discover its designer, Madeline Weinrib (no relation to MW), and her lovely collection of rugs, pillows, and fabrics. It turns out Ms. Weinrib is the great-granddaughter of the founder of ABC Carpet & Home, where her entire line can be found.

I decided the Emma cotton rug from the Amagansett collection would be perfect for our bedroom...well, until we went to ABC on Sunday and took a look at the prices, which are reasonable in comparison to the rest of ABC's wares, but still a bit of a stretch.

For those of you with more, um, resources, there are gorgeous Tibetan wool rugs (I like the Megan) and metallic chenille rugs (like the Mandala).

For more bang for your buck, there's always pillows, like the Zigzag.

Which doesn't solve my rug problem, so back to the drawing board for that. But in the meantime, how about lifting that pillow ban, MW?

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mina k said...

cushions should remain banished!