Joanna Mastroianni Fall 2008
Where & When: Tuesday, February 5th at 6 p.m. in the Salon, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: Pretty much every designer showing in New York dabbles in eveningwear to some extent. For dramatic effect, these looks often come at the end of a runway show, often to much oohing and aahing from the audience. However, there's a difference between the typical bias-cut charmeuse gown and the pure artistry of a true eveningwear designer. Joanna Mastroianni falls into this latter category. Her shows do feature daytime looks, but her gowns are exquisitely detailed and carry a true sophistication that, well, all the designers showing trendy hip-slung trousers and vests can only hope to achieve someday. Her fall collection was inspired by Morocco, which translated into everything from ornate beading that evoked mosaic tiles to more sleek looks with geometric cutouts, with a healthy dose of spicy colors sprinkled throughout. Instead of veering into costumey territory, Mastroianni kept the theme on this side of tasteful.
Standout Look: This silk evening gown had so much going on, I didn't know where to look--a plunging neckline, a lapis-blue lining, and an ornately embroidered back panel.
Bonus Points: The designer's pomeranian took a turn down the runway, carried in the arms of a model during the final runway walk. After days of looking at strikingly beautiful women, it was nice to have a bit of cuteness.
Where to Buy: Kleinfeld, Neiman Marcus, Saks

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