Gap European Collection
If you've ever gone into the Gap in a foreign country, you've probably noticed that the clothes are better--more stylish, less frumpy--than the clothes in U.S. Gaps. (And, if you're me, you kick yourself for not shopping there while you have the chance.) Thankfully, Gap's website has a small selection of European merchandise for you to buy, helpfully called the European Collection. These items are priced a bit higher than Gap's regular merch, but, this being the Gap, there's nothing more than $80 (with the notable exception of a $350 leather jacket). My favorite is this very Chloe-esque short empire dress; it also comes in black, but I think the white is cuter (and more spring-appropriate). I also like the chunky zip sweater, the striped button-front dress , and I think the striped boatneck tee would look nice layered under the sleeveless belted dress . As these items are all limited edition, quantities are limited, so hurry (the white dress is already sold out in the smaller sizes).

And in other Gap news, little sister Old Navy lost its president today, but creative director Todd Oldham is firmly in place, hoping to take the store from campy to trendy. While most of his changes have yet to be seen in stores, Fashionista reports that at least the shoes are getting cuter. Case in point: These adorable (and apparently comfortable) wedge sandals, a mere $35 online but apparently an even better $15 in stores. I'll be stopping by the Soho Old Navy after work tomorrow to investigate...

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