Venexiana by Kati Stern Fall 2008
Where & When: Friday, February 1st at 9 p.m. in the Salon, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: The 9 o'clock shows are always a toss-up--people are either exhausted from having been at shows all day, or they're drunk from hitting the tents' corporate-sponsored bars. I think the audience at Venexiana fell into the latter category, as they seemed incredibly enthusiastic about the collection, even giving the designer a standing ovation. I'm not quite sure why. Stern could have benefited from some editing--the show had a whopping 62 looks, many with Swarovski crystals and/or fur accents. And apparently she has not met a luxe fabric she hasn't liked, because she piled 'em on--fur! lamé! brocade! metallic lace! metallic tweed!--all at once. There's a difference between putting on a show and putting on a spectacle.
Standout Look: The best pieces were a series of 1930s bias-cut gowns and dresses, and this satin style was, thankfully, downright simple and elegant.
Bonus Points: I had my first, and hopefully not my last, sighting of everyone's favorite "noted fashion photographer," Nigel Barker.
Where to Buy: See website for details

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