Thuy Fall 2008
Where & When: Saturday, February 2nd at 11 a.m., Exit Art
Runway Recap: I'm not going to mince words--this show was the biggest shitstorm since Kai Kuhne's show last February. Yes, the mimosas and truffles were a nice touch, but that didn't excuse the hour-plus wait, or the half-assed runway, which required the hundreds of attendees to squish up against the walls. The photographers had to give the models stage direction, and at least one model rolled her eyes in exasperation. Until the models all stood around at the end for us to inspect their garments up close, I could see only from the neck up (I will say, however, that the hair and makeup were beautiful). Say what you want about the three-ring circus that is the Bryant Park tents, but this sort of thing would never happen there.
Standout Look: Thuy had some interesting ideas in terms of finishing and layering; I liked the contrast here between the purple dress, the teal tights, and the beige shoes.
Bonus Points: Strangely enough, the best swag bag to date, with MAC makeup, Ted Gibson hairspray, Aveeno lotion, and a tiny piece of MarieBelle chocolate.
Where to Buy: See website for details

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Anonymous said...

I was also there and from what I heard the delay was the production company's fault. They really screwd up big time (btw, the program says Eric Chavez production)

I kind of feel sorry for the designer because the collection was gorgeous.