Spring Shopping Guide: Sheer
There is nothing practical about sheer fabric, so of course the fashion community wholly embraced the trend after last fall's Spring 2008 runway shows. There is no question that sheer fabrics are beautiful--they're floaty, they skim the body, and they're airy and diaphanous. Oh, and they're sexy. But in order to wear sheer pieces in public and not look like a hooker, layering is key.

If I were incredibly wealthy and fabulous and went out to places like Bungalow 8, I would wear tops like this Nina Ricci tank. Its layers are constructed so that your bra isn't hanging out, but it's still sheer enough to be sexy.

I like that this Vera Wang dress looks kind of like a fancy toga. I think the leaf detail at the front will cover the bust, but if not, a camisole might be in order.

This Marc Jacobs dress is fully lined, so it's modest enough, but the flyaway panels reinforce the sheerness of the fabric.

This organza dress from Thread Social is one of the most practical executions of the sheer trend that I've seen. The contrasting lining is the perfect way to play up the sheerness of the fabric, and the parts that are unlined are the right ones to expose.

This Riser Goodwyn blouse has a definite naughty-nice dynamic--the high-neck cut is definitely prim and proper, but its sheerness is quite racy.

This 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse is the same sort of thing--conservative cut, sheer fabric--but the fact that it's white instantly makes it more innocent.

Every once in awhile, Forever 21 really surprises me. Case in point: this blouse is 100% silk, and the embroidery at the neckline is gorgeous. Obviously, a tank is needed underneath, but at this price, you can afford to pick one up.

I think this Topshop chiffon blouse is perfect, with the studded inset adding a bit of rock-and-roll to the frilly ruffles and tie neck. The obvious thing would be to wear it with a high-waisted skirt; I think skinny jeans are definitely in order.

Another variation on the sheer trend is burnout, in which a pattern is formed in the fabric by heat. This PETE top is one of my favorites of the bunch, due to its interesting texture and details, and I love the gathers in the front. It's casual, but you could probably get away with it at work (with an under-layer, of course). Done and done.

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Anonymous said...

I love the sheer blacks. Though everyone goes for lighter colors in the warm weather. I think the sheer black tops look great for a summer evening.