Spring Shopping Guide: Woven Scarves
People tend to make fun of me, because as soon as the temperature dips below 70 degrees, I bust out a scarf. While I wear them for warmth (yeah, I'm a little paranoid about catching a cold), scarves are the accessory that instantly makes you look stylish, in that bohemian, Left Bank Parisian kind of way. Spring's scarves take their inspiration in part from Balenciaga's super-influential Fall 2008 collection, but their lightweight, airy look is definitely more about fashion than function. Then again, if your office is as cold as mine is in the summer, they might keep you at least a little warm.

Nothing says glamorous jetsetter like a Missoni scarf, and this wrap definitely fits the bill. At $660, it's not exactly a bargain, but it's big enough that, in a pinch, you can turn it into a halter top or wrap skirt--so really, it's like three looks in one!

Etro also makes incredibly gorgeous, unique signature fabrics. And while this scarf doesn't exactly have bright spring colors, I think it has a nice earthy look that will complement summer--and fall--neutrals well.

This Bajra scarf reminds me most of the Balenciaga ones, but this one was handmade in Nepal, which probably explains its price. If you're crafty, you can probably trick out a pashmina on your own, but I am far too lazy for that.

If color is your thing, then you'll like this Michael Kors tie dye scarf. Tie dye is huge for spring, so this fits into the whole bohemian aesthetic--but in a polished, Michael Kors kind of way.

This Leigh and Luca scarf is called Money Money Money, probably because it has dollar signs all over it. I don't know if I could quite pull it off myself, but I think it's kind of hilarious, in a kind of meta-nouveau-riche way.

I've said before how awesome DVF's prints are this season, and I'll say it again: they rock. And while I love her dresses, I think this Bora Bora scarf may be an even wiser investment--you can wear it more often and in more ways.


If you like the Kors scarf above (but not its three-figure price tag), I suggest this tie-dyed scarf from Forever 21. At less than $10, you can get one in every color and still spend a tenth of what the designer version costs.

As you'd expect, Urban Outfitters also has a ton of woven scarves in an array of patterns. I like the Birds in Paris scarf because the color scheme is different and unexpected (and the price is right.

One of my favorites, however, is from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters' big sister. The daybreak scarf has a beautiful print in soft colors--it's a pretty way to accent whatever lovely spring outfit you're wearing.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I love scarves. I was looking at the Michael Kors scarf the other day. I adore that yellow!