MasstigeWatch! Target edition
Note: I am having trouble uploading images. My apologies for the visual boringness of this post.
I went to the Target in good ol' tax-free Salem, New Hampshire this weekend, and as happy as I am to have a Target nearby in Brooklyn, going to a Target in the suburbs is a completely different experience: the shelves are stocked, there aren't thousands of people everywhere, and, in all, it's a positively transporting experience. So I was happy to see, a day early, that their Richard Chai Go International collection was out on the racks--not every single piece, but a good percentage of it nonetheless. I only ended up buying this striped top (which is a lot cuter than it looks in the picture), but I tried on a bunch of other stuff. The voile top had the potential to be awesome, but on me, it looked like a maternity top. The floral-print dress, while not exactly my style, was really cute, and its classic shape will flatter a bunch of body types. I really liked this sleeveless black dress, but ended up not buying it because, really, the last thing I need is another black dress. I also really liked the long cardigan, but thought the color was going to be more of a dark purple, as opposed to a bluish lavender. Still, it's a cotton-cashmere blend, so the feel is very soft, and I like the longer length. I tried on the zip-front skirt too, and while it was cute, it was also about three inches shorter than what I can get away with for work. Although I had been really excited about it, I didn't try on the crinkled colorblock dress--it's 100% polyester and, well, looks it. The highlight for me, however, is that I was able to score a few of the far superior Rogan pieces--the romper and the mint green blazer--on mega-clearance. Yay for unfashionable New Hampshire!

While in Target, I also was able to check out all of the Botkier bags; the magenta and plain black bags were the best-looking; all of the metallics and animal-printed ones were jankety-janky-looking. Brooklyn's own Hayden-Harnett is supposedly the next accessories collaboration; let's hope they come up with better product than the last few.

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