On Katie Holmes' jeans
I will be the first to admit that I am totally mystified by Katie Holmes: the blank stare, the shopping sprees, the ever-morphing hair, and so on. I feel bad that she has pretty much blown her career, but the silver lining is that she's become a sort of quiet fashion icon. (Then again, if I had Tom Cruise's money to spend, you bet your Birkin I'd buy my way onto the best-dressed list.) She has managed to completely transform herself, and yet sometimes I wonder whether some of what she's doing is an attempt at true trendsetting or an act of rebellion. Case in point: In today's the Cut blog at New York Magazine, the Fug Girls addressed Holmes' new favorite clothing item: her pegged jeans. The Fug Girls are appalled, but the commenters are pretty much split between thinking she looks stylish and directional and thinking she looks depressed and sloppy.

Personally, I welcome the return of boyfriend jeans. For the past 10 years, jeans have been ass tight, and while I generally believe that people look better in clothes that fit them, a part of me misses when jeans were truly comfortable. (Side note: On the way to the subway this morning, I saw a woman wearing what I assume were vintage Old Navy overalls. She looked so comfortable and, dare I say, chic.) Now, these are not jeans to wear out to the clubs or bars; boyfriend jeans are more for hanging out. Also, I would caution against rolling them like Katie does--it's giving me flashbacks of the circa 1990 "French roll" that I rocked in middle school. In fact, for a better way to wear them, I suggest taking a cue from none other than Katie Holmes' best friend, our dear Victoria Beckham. (Maybe living in Los Angeles is having a positive effect on her after all!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm a little bit worried with the pants of Katie Holmes...is this her latest style???