Cho Cheng Spring 2009
When & Where: Wednesday, September 10th at 9 a.m., Astor Hall, New York Public Library
Runway Recap: The graceful marble hallways provided an elegant backdrop for Chinese designer Cho Cheng's impeccably tailored suits and princess-like ballgowns. While the skirts will obviously need to be lengthened to suit the society types sitting in the front row, this shouldn't be a problem--Cho is trained in couture techniques, and it shows. With so many suits, however, the show got to be a bit repetitive; I would've preferred a bit more variety, especially with only 24 looks.
Standout Look: This was my favorite suit, and the shape of the jacket is certainly one you don't see every day. It was gorgeously made--and with my front-row seat (that's right, my front row seat), I was certainly close enough to inspect the sewing.
Bonus Points: Cho either has friends in high places or already has a devoted following--model Maggie Rizer opened the show, and the iconic Carmen Dell'Orefice closed it (and received applause as she walked the runway). Also, for the reality TV fans in the house, I sat directly across from Simon Van Kempen and spotted Countess de Lesseps, both from The Real Housewives of New York.
Where to Buy: It appears Cho will run his business as a couture house; see his website for details.

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