Malan Breton Spring 2009
When & Where: Thursday, September 11th at 9 a.m., the Salon, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: I know I say this every season, but I am still kind of shocked that, of all the talented Project Runway alumni, Malan Breton is the only one still (still!) showing in Bryant Park. There is a pattern to a Malan Breton show: He was inspired by a classic movie (in this case, Star, starring Julie Andrews); he sends well-coiffed, made-up models down the runway to torch songs in somewhat extravagant but well-constructed garments; he does a full lap down the runway himself, with a model on each arm. It's a formula, yes, but one that he keeps refining and perfecting each season; in other words, Malan does what he does best, and he continues to do it even better as each season passes.
Standout Look: This is a strapless lace wide-leg jumpsuit. (Say that ten times fast.) The fact that Malan can, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, make it work this well is a testament to his skill.
Bonus Points: No Silver Fox spotting, but The Real Housewives of New York was representing for Bravo with Alex and Simon Van Kempen in the front row. Also from the world of reality: Sara from Cycle 6 of America's Next Top Model!
Where to Buy: Email Malan.

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