Geren Ford Spring 2009
Where & When: Wednesday, September 3rd at 6 p.m., Bowery Hotel
Runway Recap: West Coast designer Geren Ford wisely headed East to show her latest feminine silk tops and dresses to a downtown crowd. With a colorful palette, the collection, inspired by world travels, featured layered looks and a wispy, loose, relaxed silhouette. It wasn't reinventing the wheel, but from the silk maxi-dresses to the deconstructed suits, it was all very wearable. This being a presentation--not, technically, a "show"--the designer gave a nod to artist Vanessa Beecroft by having the models stand on big white blocks; the audience, in turn, ogled them like Greek statues in a museum.
Standout Look: A mix of neutrals and unexpected color combinations makes this layered look a winner. And I am all for loose, silky shorts.
Bonus Points: From the free drinks to the designer herself, Geren Lockhart, circulating amongst the guests, this presentation had an incredibly relaxed vibe, which was the perfect way to ease into Fashion Week.
Where to Buy:,, and Hawks, her lower-priced line, at Urban Outfitters

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