Willow Spring 2009
Where & When: Thursday, September 11th at 1:30 p.m., the Altman Building
Runway Recap: There are inspirations that pop up again and again for designers; they tend to be, in no particular order, Edie Sedgwick, Talitha Getty, the Swans (any of the 1960s NYC socialites à la Truman Capote novels), and the Ballets Russes. For spring, Australian designer Kit Willow was inspired by the last of those, but this is not a complaint--she showed out a small but focused collection of loose, light chiffon pieces with Art Deco beading and a color palette of orange, black, white, and gray. Willow experimented with sheer fabrics, draped in a way to flatter a range of body types and layered to create an artsy, rich-bohemian vibe.
Standout Look: I'm cheating by picking two looks here, but my camera was about to die, so I couldn't take any individual photos. The dress at the left had a gorgeous, goddess-like draped look, with intricate gold beading at the top, making it look fresh and innovative. The look on the right is seriously the first pair of flattering hammer pants I've seen all week--and I have seen a lot of hammer pants. Love the slouchy silhouette, and the long beaded scarf too.
Bonus Points: This was a presentation, ensuring I was in and out in less than half an hour, a wonderful alternative to the hour-plus commitment required of the more traditional "shows".
Where to Buy: Elizabeth Charles

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