Sergio Davila Spring 2009
Where & When: Monday, September 8th at 1 p.m., the Salon, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: Peruvian native Sergio Davila has been creating menswear for several years now, but this season marks the debut of his womenswear line. Alas, only five of the 31 looks were for the ladies, but for my few and far between male readers, the collection is definitely worth checking out. I'm used to seeing menswear shows where totally weird and unmanly things like hot pink man-skirts come down the runway, but nearly every look here was dapper and completely wearable, with an almost nautical bent. For the ladies, it was a knit jumpsuit and dresses, with spiderwebby accents. Let's hope next season that the women's portion of the show is as fleshed out as the men's.
Standout Look: I am all for knitwear for evening, and this dress had a sexy but laid-back look, with kind of rock-and-roll chain fringe at the neckline. It's the sort of slinky thing you want to wear to a summer roof party.
Bonus Points: After staring at gorgeous 110-lb. women all day long, sometimes a change is good. Thankfully, my second-row seat allowed me to ogle all the male models at very close range.
Where to Buy: Email for info.

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