New York Fashion Week Recap, part 4: Spring Trends
I had a conversation yesterday at my friend's birthday party about trends and how they get started. Do designers sit around and talk about it? Do they have spies planted in each other's ateliers? Are they shopping at the same trade shows and fabric mills? It's a fun thing to ponder. To get you started, here are the trends I saw on the spring runways.

Marc Jacobs started it last spring, so now everyone's hopping on the bandwagon. Think chiffon, organza, and mesh; the most practical ways to wear it are as a sheer layer on top of a solid, or with multiple layers of sheerness to create opacity. (Photo below from Monique Lhuillier)

Cobalt blue
For spring, cobalt blue is the new yellow. And this is a good thing, because this rich, deep tone is much more universally flattering (although for the yellow lovers out there, I still saw enough of it to keep you going for another season). (Photo below from Geren Ford)

Truly tricky, beige--or nude--unlike blue, is not a color that everyone can wear. Stay away if you're blonde and/or fair-skinned, as it will wash you out. Dark-haired ladies, this one's for you. (Photo below from Tracy Reese)

Back to trends that work for everyone, there's no denying the power of an asymmetrical neckline: The diagonal line cuts across your body to create a narrowing effect. This trend popped up everywhere from one-strap goddess gowns to one-sleeved tops. (Photo below from Tadashi Shoji)

Hammer pants

Call them harem pants, drop-crotch pants, Hammer pants...they were everywhere. The most flattering version I saw was at Willow. Proceed with caution. (Photo below from Willow)

There was a definite kinkiness running through a lot of the spring collections: harness vests, cutouts, bandage dresses. It's a harder, tougher look with a hint of '80s to it, but it's perfect for the anti-girly girl. (Photo below from Harlan Bel)

Yep, it's still here. And I am not complaining--to me, nothing is more perfect for summer than a flowy, printed dress. And I was particularly pleased by the number of caftans I saw on the runway--a staple of the '70s fabulous, caftans have yet to catch on with women of my generation (but they just might this time). (Photo below from Milly by Michelle Smith)

The waist

I saw very few low-waisted garments on the runways (the exception being drop-waist dresses, which were still few and far between). Everything--skirts, pants, dresses--placed emphasis on the natural waist. So put all of your low-waisted clothes in storage, ladies. (Photo below from Twinkle by Wenlan)

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