New York Fashion Week Recap, part 1: By the Numbers
Shows attended: 21
Parties attended: 0
Parties to which I was invited: 12
Shows I didn't get into due to overcrowding: 2
Shows I was invited to but missed: 15
Shows in the tents: 14
Off-site shows: 7
Shows at Bumble + Bumble: 0 (boo hoo!)
Swag bags received: 11
Pairs of custom Havianias received: 0
Ridiculously bitchy PR girls encountered: 2
Days I wore high heels: 4
Blistered toes: 3
Asprin consumed: 50 (approximately)
LU biscuits consumed: 800 (approximately)
Alcoholic beverages consumed in the tent: 2
Iced coffees from Le Pan Quotidien consumed: 6
Amount spent on extravagant pick-me-up sushi dinner Tuesday at BondST: $150
Meals consumed at Subway: 4
Average hours of sleep per night: 5.5
Pounds gained: 1.5 (see LU biscuits, above)
New ailments: 0 (yay!)

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