Short attention span post
I was planning to write a few posts tonight--including one on new sample-sale websites--but, alas, it's been a very long week, I am tired, and I really just want to have a cocktail and watch the season premiere of Project Runway. (It's back! I'm excited! Aren't you?) So, until next week when I have my wits about me, some random notes.

Gee, have you heard the First Lady had the nerve to wear a pair of shorts whilst hiking the Grand Canyon on a Sunday when the temperature was 106 degrees? It must've been a slow news day, because The Today Show had a serious, in-depth discussion about it. Gee, I don't recall anyone discussing whether it was appropriate for her husband, THE THEN-FUTURE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, to be photographed in nothing but swim trunks last summer. Seriously, people. They're legs. Everyone has them. Get over it.

On a happier note, I highly suggest reading Mike Albo's review of the new Hollister store in Soho from today's Times, a vast improvement over the debacle that was last week's Cintra Wilson goes to J.C. Penney (which I have refrained from commenting on, because, while I think Ms. Wilson could've handled it more delicately, she had a point that was greatly overlooked: Mass American fashion has devolved into total mediocrity). Albo's entire article is brilliant, but here's my favorite part:

On the way down I stopped in the fragrance room and sampled the Laguna Beach body mist. It smelled like Jolly Ranchers being breathed on my face by Hayden Panettiere. Here the store also sells its California fragrance, which is spritzed on the mannequins every hour; it’s a noxious concoction that, I assume, is distilled from mink sex glands and the tears of broken-hearted teenage girls.

Finally, I get a lot of irrelevant PR pitches sent to me on a daily basis, but here's one I couldn't resist: Miss Piggy and Marc Jacobs in his showroom, going over his looks for Fashion Week. Miss Piggy will be wearing a Marc Jacobs frock next week at Macy's Glamorama in Chicago.

I don't know about you, but this made me love Marc Jacobs even more than I already do. On that note, have a good weekend, everybody!

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