Buy It: Kerastase Ciment Thermique

When you are a blogger (or fashion journalist) and go to a lot of events, such as I do, you end up with a bunch of swag, and much of it is haircare products--everything from Aveda and Redken down to Tresemmé. As a result, I haven't bought shampoo or conditioner in ages. And while I am content to use up my freebies, I recently came to a revelation: I spend a near-ridiculous amount of money on my hair color and cut, so why do I use any old product? In other words, if I'm driving a Lexus, why fill it with regular gas? So last week, on my stylist's advice, I went to Gideon's Drugs (at 38th and Broadway) and bought three products, all by Kerastse: Bain Miroir shampoo, Chroma Riche masque, and Ciment Thermique, which is a heat-activated styling product. Now, my hair is very fine, but it's wavy and prone to frizz. And while I think all three products have already made an impact on the quality of my hair, I would say Ciment Thermique is really the star of the show. I've used it only three times (I wash my hair twice a week), and I already notice a drastic change in my hair. It's bouncy, shiny, and virtually frizz free; I caught my reflection in a revolving door this morning and almost didn't recognize myself. The best part is that I feel like my hair is getting stronger with every use. It's not quite as good as getting a blowout at a salon, but it's pretty darn close. And at $36, a tube is much less than a single blowout (at least at my salon), and lasts a lot longer. As for my haircare swag, I'm going to donate my current (and future) stash to the YWCA of Brooklyn, home to women who need free hair products far more than I do.

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sev said...

thank u for such a cute post, I am so glad u mentioned where u cld donate your old products. I want to do the same when I'm back home. thank u cheryl.