Target has gone collaboration-crazy this spring, with great collections from Jean Paul Gaultier and Liberty of London already on the shelves, plus we have Eugenia Kim, Cynthia Vincent, and now Zac Posen to look forward. I'll have more info on Eugenia Kim and Cynthia Vincent next week, but in the meantime, The Cut has photos and prices of the Zac Posen line, and I must say, it looks pretty good. (Then again, I say that a lot about Target.) The higher-than-usual prices also lead me to believe that it's not all 100% polyester (my biggest criticism, as you know, of the Target lines). There are some sexy-looking one-piece swimsuits, great party dresses, and some sharp tuxedos and jackets too. This is my favorite dress; at $39.99, my fingers are crossed that it's cotton. The collection hits stores April 25 and will be around for approximately a month (or while supplies last).

Lucky reports that cool-girl contemporary line Kova & T is creating a line called KNT for Urban Outfitters. I tend to forget about Urban Outfitters' collaborations, but they have a lot of cool ones, from Geren Ford and Lyell to Steven Alan and Corpus. KNT is a little more feminine than Kova & T, but it still retains that downtowny vibe that's sure to enthrall the twentysomethings who shop at Urban Outfitters. And like most items there, the line retails for under $100. Look for it in stores in May.

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