Fans of Uniqlo's +J collection, rejoice: Jil Sander has renewed her contract with Uniqlo [subscription required]! The notoriously detail-oriented German minimalist is so pleased with how her first two collections for the fast-fashion chain have turned out, she will continue to work with Uniqlo indefinitely. With her confidence in the future of fashion at a price, it just goes to show how visionary she remains. In related news, Uniqlo is taking over the old Brooks Brothers store at 666 5th Avenue, and the store, which probably won't open until next year, will be more than double the size of the original location. So, in the meantime, don't forget--the Costello Tagliapietra collection hits the Soho store May 20.

Isabel Toledo's shoes and bags for Payless
won't hit stores until September, but Nitrolicious has sketches from the upcoming collection, which will include 7 shoes and two bags. Whimsical, no?

Speaking of shoes, Refinery 29 has photos of a Pierre Hardy for Gap fall design; the lace-up boots are reportedly from Gap's main line, but the gray peep-toe booties are Hardy's. All I have to say is: WANT! No details on price or when they hit stores, but as soon as I know anything, I will of course share it. In the meantime, Hardy's spring collection is due in stores next week (May 4th, to be exact). This time, I'm not waiting for my friends & family coupon--those nude wedges must be mine.

And, I totally forgot to mention this last week; bridal is not an area I typically cover, but this is pretty major: Vera Wang is designing a line for David's Bridal [subscription required}. Vera is obviously one of the best-known names in the bridal biz, and David's is, well, a place to go for a relatively inexpensive gown. Wang's dresses can easily run into the five figures, but her line for David's will retail between $600 and $1500, with most of the 20 dresses under $1200. The jury is out on whether this will impact Wang's high-end business; while I would venture that most people who shop a designer's namesake collection don't necessarily shop their masstige collaborations, a wedding dress is something you wear for one day only, and when it comes down to spending $10,000 versus $1,000 for two very similar dresses, I personally would go with the cheaper option. But that might just be me--after all, there's a multi-billion-dollar industry built around giving women their Perfect Day*. Regardless, this is likely to make a lot of brides, who otherwise couldn't afford Vera Wang, quite happy. The line hits David's Bridal stores next spring.

*I haven't yet acknowledged this here, but while I'm on the topic of weddings, I guess this is a good time to note that MW and I are engaged! I hadn't planned on blogging about my wedding, but if anyone is interested, I can talk about dress shopping and the like here. (Several people have asked me if I'm going to start a bridal blog, to which I just laugh.) If you have any opinions on the matter, leave them in the comments below!


Anonymous said...

My wedding is in May of this year and I struggled with the wedding dress. I know everyone wants to find 'the' dress but i hate that a dress in colored silk will cost $500-$100 and anything in white in a natural fabric is way over $1000! I ended up looking at two organizations, to ensure that when i spent money on me, it was helping someone else.
The first place I looked was the bridal garden in NY. if you are looking for the kleinfelds experience - this is not it. Bridal Garden collects dresses from showrooms around the tri state area and sells them at a discount - but all the money goes to a charity in Brooklyn that helps underpriveledged kids in Brooklyn get an education. It is basically a room with racks organized by sizes and dress volume. If you want to try on every type of dress with little fuss, this is a fantastic place to do it - but it is a lot of work and the gowns are heavy - I do not think i would have had the nerve to try on a $15000 dress in any other environment! You select, try on and rebag the dresses - so bring a friend. but it is small so only bring one or two.
The second place that I went - and where i ended up buying my dress is Brides against Breast Cancer. This charity organizations is similar to bridal Garden but the benefits go to either last wishes for ladies dying of breast cancer or cancer research. the best thing is this is a national travelling sale that is set up like the filenes basement sale - but without all the crazies. they arrive and have a sale for one weekend - there are racks of dresses organized by size. Most dresses are new but a few have been gently loved. I was worried what this sale might be like as they have paid entry for the fist 2 hours of the sale but when i arrived, there were thousands of gowns and only 6 brides. It was completely civilized and I tried on to my hearts content

I am incredibly supportive to both of these organizations ( i took a friend to bridal garden recently and she found her dress there). They offer an alternate to spending a fortune on just yourself in a low pressure environment. I would go to kleinfelds if that is your dream to wined and dined but I would go to either of these organizations to leave with a happy heart, having done some good and more money in you pocket

Cheryl said...

Anonymous, thank you so much for your suggestions. I've been to Bridal Garden with a friend of mine, and while she didn't find her gown there--and my general impression of the place was that it's like finding a needle in a haystack--I fully support the organization and its cause. I will probably check it out for myself, and I will look into the breast cancer sale.

I will definitely not be going to Kleinfeld's or the like. My general impression of the bridal industry thus far is that it's a total racket, especially when it comes to dresses. The thought of paying $4,000 (or more!) for a dress I'm going to wear for one day just completely boggles my mind. I'd rather buy a Birkin!

Brie O'Mac said...

Cheryl, you know my the least expensive dress that makes you happy, then spend like heck on your shoes! I haul my wedding shoes out at least twice a year.

Anonymous said...

My friend Lanie just opened a shop called Lovely in the West Village...bridal in nature, but not annoying with a range of price points and she has a great sense of style. You should check it out!

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