Because everyone loves a makeover...

...I decided to freshen up Cheryl Shops a bit while I was on vacation. Here's what's new and/or updated:
  • Links, many of which were woefully out of date (I'm ashamed to admit some sites on my blogroll stopped publishing three years ago)
  • New ads: please click on them and buy stuff to help support Cheryl Shops!
  • Twitter postings, or tweets, if you will
  • An RSS feed (I recently discovered the joy of RSS. Yes, I'm about 5 years behind on this one.)
  • Invite links to online sample sale websites (again, please click, join, and buy stuff to help support Cheryl Shops!)
  • Labels (or tags) to help you find old posts by topic (you can also search in the Google box at the right)
  • Most importantly, my logo at the top is now linked, so if you click on it from within a post, it will take you back to my homepage! (Unfortunately, my limited HTML skills have been exhausted by the new template, and I can't figure out how to make the logo centered. If you know how to do this, can you let me know?)
Now, I have one item of bad news. To make a long story short, I don't have nearly as much time to work on Cheryl Shops as I used to; if I were to point fingers, I would point them at my job, which now requires me to work 10- and 12-hour days on a regular basis. That said, I do try to post three times a week, and I will continue to do so. However, I am discontinuing the Week in Shopping for the foreseeable future. I realize there are a bunch of you who visit Cheryl Shops just for the sales, and so I will understand completely if you decide to stop reading. For my loyal readers, thank you so much for sticking around, and in the coming weeks I'll introduce several new features that will hopefully inspire you to shop. After all, someone has to prop up the U.S. economy.

Please leave any comments below, or if you're shy, feel free to email me. My inbox has a tendency to get backed up, but I do respond to all emails eventually.

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