Buy it: Chelsea Clinton's floppy hat

I will admit, I have Chelsea Clinton wedding fever; she's a few years younger than me, but I feel like we came of age at around the same time, and well, since I'm getting married next summer, I'm eager to see what kind of wedding (and wedding dress) she'll have. Women's Wear Daily published a rather hilarious article yesterday detailing their stakeout of Chelsea's alleged visit to Vera Wang's Seventh Avenue showroom. They describe Secret Service agents blanketing the area, Hilary Clinton absentmindedly checking her Blackberry, and that the duo, in their multiple trips to the showroom, are (gasp!) routinely up to 30 minutes late for their appointments. WWD managed to snap a photo of Chelsea, obscured by a rather large floppy hat; it took less than a day for me to receive an email from Hat Attack claiming ownership of the chapeau in question. That said, their raffia sun hat is pretty fabulous. It would make a glamorous beach-vacation hat, whether you're going to Miami or Bali, and it comes in two shades of raffia with several color options for the ribbon. As for an incognito disguise, however, I think it pretty much failed on that account.

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