TheFind Guest Post: 5 Trendy Alternatives To The Basic Black Pump!

No matter how many pairs of fancy black shoes I buy for various outings, somehow I always end up going back to my favorite basic black pumps. I don't know if it's the comfort, the streamlined look, or just a mental "go-to" signal I've had programmed in my brain as a result of too much shopping, but I just can't live without my black pumps! It's gotten to the point that all of my pictures look the same -- slacks and a blouse with black pumps, cocktail dress paired with black pumps, jeans and a blazer... black pumps! So in honor of convincing myself to branch out (and the need to replace said black pumps that are now extremely worn and abused), I've compiled a modest collection of 5 alternatives to the basic black pair that still have that classic look but with a trendy spin!

It's not too late to jump on the sky-high platform bandwagon, and these Steve Madden Caryssa pumps (top left) are high enough to make a statement, but still walkable with their strategically curved sole. On the other hand, these Calvin Klein Kamrie pumps (top right) add a little summer-friendly sexiness with their strappy upper. If you're lovin' cutouts this season, these Elie Tahari Erica pumps (center) have a snaky sheen to boot! Slingback peep toes, like these Luisa pumps from Banana Republic (bottom right) never go out of style and are ready to be your summer staple, while the sheer mesh panels on these Classiques Entier pumps (bottom left) give the classic shape a mysteriously sexy update!

- Alex Gambardella

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