Join it: Stylemint

There's no question that when it comes to e-commerce, curated subscription sites are the new flash-sale sites. And while none so far have inspired me to make a purchase, it looks like Stylemint will be the game changer. While I'd received several pitches on the site, it was the photo at right (shot by Terry Richardson) in this month's InStyle that really caught my attention. I am an unapologetic Olsen twins lover, and there was just something about this photo--the hair, the clothes, the shoes--that made me say "I want that." Thankfully, you can at least buy the T-shirts, which are $29.99 each on Stylemint, a new sister site of Jewelmint, which is curated by the equally stylish Kate Bosworth. Like many of these sites, you must take a style quiz to determine your personality; I am "modern" ("classic chic" and "runway" are the other options, which you are free to peruse, a nice option for rebellious shoppers like me who dislike being given only a narrow assortment of products). The interesting thing about Stylemint is that, at the moment, there are only 4 styles for sale; the style personalities exist only to suggest how to wear each tee. As for the T-shirts themselves, they all look pretty solid, and considering the Olsens started The Row when they couldn't find the perfect tee, I'd say the sisters know their knitwear. Of the four styles, the " a full sentence" tee is what first caught my eye, but I think the slouchy Fillmore below might be the style to win my heart this month. Truth be told, I could probably order one of each.

The catch, like with most of these curated sites, is that once you make a purchase, you're opted in, and you have until the 6th of each month to opt out; otherwise you are automatically charged $29.99. Of all such sites, however, I think Stylemint would be the least problematic in having to make a monthly or even a periodic purchase. I buy at least two T-shirts every month anyway, and based on what's on the site so far, I don't think I'd be lacking for selection. And, hey, if it helps me look like the Olsen twins in the above photo, I'll take it.

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