In These Shoes: Tory Burch Tatum Sandals

I have been looking for red sandals for what seems like forever*, to the point that it's becoming an obsession. Ideally, I'd like an open-toe, ankle-strap style with a walkable wood heel; unless I want a so-called "comfort shoe" or a style worthy of pole-dancing, however, I can't seem to find a happy medium. Or couldn't, at least, until inspiration struck while getting a pedicure with Essie Vermillionaire last week (sadly, a discontinued color). Maybe it wasn't that I couldn't find the right pair of red sandals--it was that I couldn't find the right red. I expanded my search to include more orange-leaning shades and, lo and behold, I found the Tory Burch Tatum sandal. The nectarine color evokes exactly that: a sweet, fruity, juicy treat that's best enjoyed during peak summer months. Its two buckles and a fairly simple design help counteract the borderline-bananas 5.5-inch stacked heel (and 1.5-inch platform), but this is coming from a girl who's never met a platform sandal she hasn't liked. Even better? They're on sale, proving that the best things come to those who wait...for sales.

*Okay, maybe it's been just a few months.


Lea said...

I love this!
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Poutine and Prada said...

These are fab!! Love your blog!