Lazy shopping: friendship bracelets

The year was 1987. I spent my summer riding my bike, going to see Adventures in Babysitting multiple times, and making friendship bracelets. I had a basic design--it involved tying knots in embroidery floss--that, as the summer progressed, got more intricate as I experimented. I let my bracelets pile up on my arms, to the point that when I finally took them off in the fall, I had big bands of tan lines around my wrists. I'm glad to see friendship bracelets making a comeback this year, albeit in a more intricate, sophisticated way, with chains, beads, and silk cords involved. I, for one, have fully embraced the trend; most days, I wear a minimum of three colorful bracelets. They're a great way to perk up your outfit, and looking at them reminds me of being a carefree 9-year-old. I've been stocking up whenever and wherever the mood strikes--at Topshop, from street vendors--but here are some of my favorite styles from around the web.

Friendship bracelets

Bead bracelet
$16 -

Ettika multicolor bracelet
$55 -

Ettika boho jewelry
$70 -

Friendship bracelet set
$20 -

Ariel Gordon silk curb bracelet
$108 -

Orelia metal wrap bracelet
$31 -

Ettika beaded friendship bracelet
$40 -

Wet Seal friendship bracelet
$2 -

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