Lazy shopping: evil eye bracelets

On my recent trip to Greece, I picked up quite a few evil eye bracelets. It's kind of hard not to--nearly every tourist shop sells them in one form or another, and they are quite affordable, especially in Athens. Having some cash to blow on my last day there, I picked up a bunch of delicate silver ones in a veritable rainbow of colors, and I've been wearing them religiously since. Like my tan, they kind of broadcast the fact that I was recently on vacation in Greece, but the good news is that there's no shortage of evil eye bracelets stateside. All the styles below are available for under $50 at the excellent Max & Chloe—a bit more than the 4 Euros each I spent, but definitely a bargain compared to the cost of a flight to Athens!
evil eye bracelets

Bee Charming Eye Love Bracelet
$50 -

Blu Bijoux Evil Eye charm Bracelet
$18 -

Evil Eye Fish Bracelet
$36 -

Hamsa Sloane Silver Bracelet
$45 -

Red String Evil Eye Bracelet
$46 -

Blee Inara Minis Bracelet
$30 -

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