Sample Sale of the Week: Fifi Chachnil

One could argue against the superiority of French cuisine, wine, or fashion, but when it comes to lingerie, truly nobody does it better. French lingerie is almost always sexy, yes, but what really appeals to me is that it celebrates the body more than American lingerie does--for example, bras with seamed cups instead of molded ones. (I, for one, feel sexier in lingerie that makes me look like a woman, not a blow-up doll.) If you feel the same way, and even if you don't, I suggest hitting the Fifi Chachnil private sale at Bond 07; try on one of their balconette bras and you'll forget why you even wore a nude seamless style. No word on pricing, but since this line is incredibly hard to find in the U.S., it's well worth the trip. 10/7-10/8; 11-7; 7 Bond St. (Broadway & Lafayette St.).

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