In These Shoes: Timberland Earthkeepers Rudston Boots

In this recurring feature, I tend to write about sky-high platforms and the other fashion-forward styles that often tickle my fancy. And while my closet is full of these sorts of shoes, they're not exactly versatile. Or—cue the dirty word—practical, especially for a place like New York where, let's face it, the weather is kind of horrible half the year. And while I've been known to teeter through the rain in wooden platform clogs (my theory being they keep me high enough above the puddles), they're a recipe for disaster in hurricane conditions. Which is why it's important to have a few—here's another one—sensible pairs in your shoe wardrobe. Finding fashionable sensible shoes, however, is a challenge. Thankfully Timberland saved me the trouble by sending me a pair of its Rudston boots, which are part of the eco-friendly Earthkeepers collection. The Rudston has a very clean, classic pull-on look, stylish enough to consider even without its special properties. But what makes these boots really amazing is that they're waterproof. Yes, totally waterproof! I wore them in rain ranging from misty to full-on downpour, and I can report my feet stayed fully warm and dry, and the lug sole provided a sturdy grip in slippery conditions. Having worn rubber boots in the rain for years, wearing a suede pair seemed downright indulgent. But what's really cool about these boots is the lining is made from 100% recycled materials (the rubber sole is 15% recycled), and they're manufactured in an eco-friendly facility, which is important, because leather tanning can be notoriously tough on the environment, especially when done on an industrial level. It should also be noted that the Rudston has a 2.5-inch heel, a height that's—here's another dirty word—comfortable. I wore them during Fashion's Night Out, and even after traipsing all over the Meatpacking District, my feet were comfy and well supported, which is more than I can say for the rest of the shoes I wore during Fashion Week. The Rudston is $220 on Timberland's website, which is currently running an extra 20% off offer, making them a very reasonable investment. After all, considering the weather we've been having, you'll probably end up wearing them more than any other pair in your closet.

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FTC disclosure: Timberland sent me these boots for review purposes via, a Cheryl Shops sponsor, although all opinions disclosed here—yes, including raving about footwear that is both practical and comfortable—are solely my own.

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