In These Shoes: Aldo Qualheim boots

My friend LC works at a celebrity weekly magazine (the best one, in my opinion) and last weekend was rocking what I thought was a pair of Isabel Marant Forbes boots. Once I wiped up my drool, LC informed me that the boots were, in fact, from Aldo; they were featured in a recent issue and now nearly every woman in the office has a pair. "It's embarrassing," she said. Not really—the Qualheim, aside from being a dead ringer from the Forbes, is nearly perfect in that it has a very manageable 2.75" stacked heel ("So comfy," LC confirmed) and has a downward angle at the ankle and an elongating almond-shaped toe—making them flattering to wear with skirts—with an opening wide enough to tuck your skinny pants into as well. The best part? They're a mere $100 (and yes, they're real suede), which means you can buy both the cognac and black colors for much less than what one pair of the Isabel Marant boots would cost. Magazine editors—they're just like...well, you know.


Kaftan said...

wow awesome shoe ......... loved it
you collection of shoe.

Ayana said...

This colour goes with anything! Great beige boots.