TheFind Guest Post: Stay Warm in a Street-Chic White Scarf

One of the things I'm loving now is the Winter Wonderland ready white scarves that I keep spotting everywhere. Celebrities like Kate Moss and Zoe Saldana have already been seen wearing white cashmere scarves with their matching white pea coats or freshening up the look of a classic black overcoat. A white scarf in cashmere, wool, or cotton can make any winter or fall outfit look and feel its most decadent in texture all season. Smooth finishes and alluring graphic prints or embellishments can keep the look cool and trendy. Check out my four finds! Your fit to find one that's right in your price range, too. Old Navy's Sequined Sweaterknit Infinity Scarf will have you bundled up in sparkles for a fraction of the others. My personal favorite, the We Are Owls Poster Printed Cashmere Scarf is cute, cuddly, and undeniably cool, Bottega Venetta's handmade Knitted Wool and Suede Scarf is the ultimate in scarf luxuriousness, and Malene Birger makes a Chunky Wool Knit Scarf is brag-worthy with just a few hints of color.
- Mira Torres

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Kaftan said...

nice collections of dress i loved it ....... beautiful.

Kaftan said...

nice white scarf if you want to see more designs of scarfs please :