Holiday 2011 Gift Guide: Other People's Kids

I don't know about you, but my friends have been popping out kids like there's no tomorrow. Thankfully, buying presents for kids is almost as fun as buying presents for yourself. These may not be the next Tickle Me Elmo or whatever other sold-out present parents are paying quintuple for on eBay, but these seem pretty cool to me.

Holiday 2011 Gift Guide: Other People's Kids

Top row:
Every native New York City baby needs a onesie with the major tourist attractions, if only as a public service.  MAPTOTES New York City Icon Onesie, $30

Baby shoes are cute, but these socks—perfect for pre-shoe-wearers—may be even cuter. LUCY'S SOCKS - SET OF 6, $26

This elephant (there are other animals available too) can be heated in the microwave and also smells like lavender. Um, can I have one too?  Aroma Home - Elephant Hot Hugs Hottie, $26

Middle row:
Should the kid remain attached to his or her blankie until adulthood, this Pendleton blanket is so cool, it would be completely understandable. Pendleton Muchacho Baby Blanket - Sapphire - Zd632, $80

I don't know exactly what this thing does, but it's reportedly educational, and it will at least keep the kids away from your iPad. ViNCi - Touch Screen Mobile Learning Tool for Toddlers and Young..., $479

The Stacrobats has a clever name and bright colors, and it's won a bunch of awards. Also, it looks fun!  Stacrobats Soft Colorful Children's Activity for Stacking..., $51

Bottom row:
I find a lot of kids' clothes to be a bit twee, but this organic cotton tee manages to be cute and silly at the same time. MASALA TEES Humpy Kholy Kids Tee, $35

Considering knowing Mandarin helps your child get into preschool, perhaps it's never too early to start learning the periodic table of the elements. PERIODIC TABLE BUILDING BLOCKS, $40

I know many children under the age of 3 who are totally sated by the ol' iPhone, but this dancing lion speaker takes it to a whole other level. DANCING LION SPEAKER, $70


baby grow said...

Something so inviting and desired celebrities can look so horrific when they make wrong clothing selection, actually when they are overlayed so tight fitting fabric.

hug pillow said...

Really great suggestion of gifts!